As with many first dates, Taylor Dawson had to muster some courage to ask Katelynn Russ to do the Ozarks Tap and Pour Craft  Beverage Tour with him. He’s sure glad he did.

Within three days, their Tap and Pour passports were filled with stamps and a romance was brewing.

That was in 2018, the inaugural year of the tour that led not only to a lot of fun for Katelynn and Taylor but to something old, something new, something borrowed, something brewed… er, make that blue. 

That’s right, Taylor and Katelynn are getting married Aug. 22 in a small ceremony with family in attendance.

Katelynn said the brewmance probably wouldn’t have happened if not for the tour started by the Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau.  

“Our relationship was founded over the course of this tour and we’ve gotten to experience so many things and found we had other things in common as well,” she said. “I truly believe he is my soulmate. We are best friends and if it weren’t for this tour, I’m not sure we would have ever been brought together.”

The tour involves several breweries, distilleries and wineries in Springfield and the surrounding area. People who visit participating businesses and get at least 10 stamps in their booklets are eligible for prizes. The prize this year is a T-shirt, available while supplies last.
The free booklets are available at the Springfield Route 66 Visitor Information Center, 815 E. St. Louis St. in Springfield, request them at or call 800-678-8767.