If you’re going to make an espresso, there’s no one better to trust than an Italian.

The pride of the beverage is steeped in Italian culture much like coffee beans in hot water. So when looking for the perfect espresso maker, it’s only logical to look for one created by an Italian designer.

And this Pulcina may just be perfetto. This pot is designed by Michele de Lucchi using insights from research into the best shape for enhancing the properties of coffee that give the drink its unmistakable scent and taste.

This coffee pot is like none you’ve ever seen, but it’s nothing to fear. Coffee is brewed in the Pulcina in the same way as other pots, so there’s no need to learn new tricks, and its carefully designed heater prevents the grinds from brewing too long—an easy mistake that often leads to coffee with a bitter or burnt taste.

Not having to watch the clock when brewing coffee is a relief, although with the Pulcina’s beautiful design it’s tempting to keep watching the espresso maker.