This world champion single grain whiskey is ready to make headway into American markets and test its taste against US competitors. Corn and grain based whiskies are common and well known within the States, but a new face will soon appear, eager to get your attention. It may even steal our hearts and edge our taste buds towards a new whiskey experience. Entering the ring representing the Irish, Teeling Single Grain squashed the competition at the World Whiskies Awards by use of its distinctive maturation process. Now coupled with unique bottlings and expressions, the whiskey is made by merging maize/corn and modern distillation then fully maturated in California red wine barrels. The finished product is smooth and clean with a hint of sweetness. Now only if the whiskey came complete with that irresistible Irish accent. Get to the stores and grab your bottles. Pour a glass and sip as the Irish flare seeps into your blood.