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Once disregarded as a sweet, amateur alternative to beer, the recent hard cider movement has emerged as a serious craft niche. To prove this point, look no further than Mendocino County, CA where desperate searches and frenzied requests for the super local Boonville Cider House Bite Hard Cider can be heard from just about anyone who has tasted it. A true orchard to bottle project, the cider is crafted from heirloom apples that were grown specifically to balance sweetness with tang, and body with clarity.  Each batch is fresh pressed and fermented in small quantities following harvest – which results in a balanced, robust cider with plenty of depth. Bite Hard manages to exude both elegance and down-to-earth purity. One sip should be enough to wipe out any preconceived notions, and start you searching for a 4-pack with the rest of us. Due to the artisanal production, Bite Hard Cider is only available in Mendocino County and Northern California for now. Chances are, you’ll never settle for the thin, pasteurized, mass produced stuff ever again.

Drink Me Magazine Review 98/100
“Clear golden in color with a crisp apple nose. Dry, very pleasing and enjoyable taste with well-rounded and robust fresh apple flavor. Tastes like something Farmer Brown would craft back in the 1930s. 100% hand-picked estate grown apples, made from fresh pressed apple juice, not from concentrate, not pasteurized. One of the finest we’ve ever tried. Highly recommended, but good luck finding it. 6.9% abv” -CG