Robin Daniel Lail, founder of Lail Vineyards, announced that the company will be donating 10% of sales from Blueprint wines to organizations deep in the fight against climate change. 

Robin Daniel Lail

Earlier this year, Robin was appointed the U.S. representative for The Porto Protocol, which is taking the lead in reducing the effects of climate change by simply asking their members to do more than they are currently doing to reduce their impact on the environment. Inspired by The Porto Protocol’s mission, Lail Vineyards is encouraging their loyal following to be a blueprint for change, by seeing what changes they can make to their daily routines that will help the environment. 

“Our winemaking family has been in the Napa Valley for six generations, and along with our neighbors and colleagues, we strive to protect the environment as we farm for our grandchildren,” said Lail. “We are making a steadfast commitment to do more now by re-evaluating our farming practices at Lail Vineyards, and we’re asking friends who purchase our wines to join us in making changes every day that are beneficial to the environment. Additionally, we are donating 10% of sales from our line of Blueprint wines to organizations that are fighting climate change.”

Robin founded Lail Vineyards with her daughters, Erin and Shannon, in 1995, and launched the Blueprint line several years later. Blueprint Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc are crafted by renowned winemaker Philippe Melka. Discerning wine enthusiasts know that Blueprint wines are a great find. The Blueprint style is generous and delicious – capturing the energy of Napa Valley’s top vineyards. The wines can be enjoyed immediately or laid down and savored over time. 

Throughout the year, Lail Vineyards will be honoring leaders in the fight against climate change on its social media platforms: @lailvineyards

Blueprint wines can be found at, and the 10% donation will be made on all direct-to-consumer sales.