Black Button Distillery ensured they were involved in the entire production process of their new and much anticipated Four Grain Bourbon, which will be officially released September 25th. All of Black Button’s grains are locally grown on a farm in Groveland NY and each variety is carefully picked out to ensure maximum flavor resulting in a sometimes more expensive process. But, this type of quality is what keeps Black Button’s reputation soaring. Once harvested, the grains find new purpose at Black Button where they are mashed, fermented, distilled and aged in barrels, but the aging process is entirely up to the grains. Smaller barrels tend to be ready in a year, while larger barrels can take four or five years to achieve Black Button quality and satisfaction. So, the distillers are constantly tasting and testing to determine when the flavor reaches optimization. The resulting 14-26 month aged Four Grain Bourbon is complex with a hint of spice.

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