Craft whiskey is hugely popular these days, and many of the standout producers are located in New York State. (There are, of course, other great ones around the country.) One such notable distillery is Rochester-based Black Button Distilling, which is debuting their new young bourbon the day after Thanksgiving. Little Barrel Bourbon is aged in five-gallon barrels for four months. The small size of these vessels results in what’s believed to be a more mature-tasting spirit than the age statement implies. Its recipe is a mix of four grains, including corn, wheat, rye, and malted barley. For this initial release, the distillery will only have on hand 1,400 375-ml bottles, and you can only get one if you visit Black Button on November 28th. If you do plan on heading over there to try to snap up a bottle, try not to be late: They won’t last long. Price: $40.