On the hipster east side of LA, an old auto repair garage has been converted into one of the city’s current local hot spots and a can’t miss stop for delicious, culturally-inspired food. Salazar is a destination for patrons to enjoy a wide list of Mexican favorites like branzino and tacos with daily made in house tortillas. Host Leiti Hsu and Jared Hooper -Freewheeling convertible driving sommelier- visit  this popular BYOB destination and meet with Chef Edras Ochoa, for an authentic Mexican meal with northern cowboy influences. Jared guides the meal with his wine selections pairing a white Chateau La Rame with beet salad and branzino and red meats with a red Esprit de Pavie.

The group discusses what makes a respectable bottle of wine and the influence of Chef’s Ochoa’s upbringing on the quality and the flavors of the food. Visit Salazar yourself or check out the full episode here: