Dim sum is steeped in tradition but it can still hold surprises. Much like the humble soup dumpling, the pillowy package contains a savory sip of broth. Din Tai Fung, a dim sum restaurant in Glendale, California adds its own twist by incorporating BYOB to its traditional tea service, and this is where Anthony Cailin, a native LA sommelier, joins host Leiti Hsu to discuss wine and celebrities, the perfect Hollywood pairing.

The vast table is filled to capacity with a variety of dishes, each with its own unique flavor set, but Anthony saves enough room for two bottle of red Bordeaux, a lively 2013 Puy Arnaud and a more complex Chateau de Bellevue Lussac-Saint-Emilion that both bring a sweet acid to the table that complement the diverse array of delicious bites. Click below to experience the evolution of dim sum at Din Tai Fung and remember – always compliment the host by slurping the soup.