Having a meal at Chicago’s El Ideas is like watching a movie that has so many great lines that you know you will be quoting it every chance you get. Not what one would expect from a Michelin Star restaurant, but neither is their BYOB policy and occasional appearance of keg stands. Phillip Foss has reimagined ‘fine dining’ to the point that a glance around the tables has you wondering if all the well-dressed guests have gone commando under their suits and gowns.

Capped at thirty guests, each night offers a set tasting menu and a unique experience such as deserts that double as fog machines. No less surprising is Belinda Chang, a James Beard Award winning sommelier, who can serve up laugh inducing lines along with her top picks of Bordeaux wines that can stand up to whatever amazing plates El Ideas dishes out. Whether you prefer the young, minerally Chateau Graville Lacoste or the floral Chateau Mongrave, check out the below clip and be sure to watch until the end to discover the best hangover cure ever!

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