Brooklyn is both inside the city yet also outside, on the other side of the East River. Perhaps that is why this borough is so quick to embrace dichotomy. The fiery oven of Lucali Pizza runs all day trying to keep up with the demand, but even its heat can’t overpower the chill atmosphere that Mark Iacano creates seemingly effortlessly. The relaxed movements of his hands as he tosses the dough and tops the sauced pies with fresh ingredients belie the chaos inside as he strives to keep his restaurant at the top, a dichotomous trait that he shares with his guest, Dustin Wilson.

Despite achieving the exclusive rank of Certified Master Sommelier, a test with an almost 90% fail rate, Dustin displays no pretention as he shares one of his favorite wines, a Paul Barne Chateau la Graves, and compares it to the kind of “Nice Girl” you can take home to mom. In this opening episode, Beyond Bordeaux host Leiti Hsu shares in the fun, sumptuous food and juicy wine, and you can too. Click below to check out this cash-only, BYOB hotspot in the heart of Carroll Gardens.