Beets are pretty trendy these days. We love them roasted in an arugula salad with candied pistachios and a rich, creamy goat cheese. They’re excellent shredded raw into salads and smoothies. We even love them in a traditional ruby-hued borscht with a dollop of thick, sour yogurt on top.

But Ben Brueshoff and Jerad Poling, the innovative minds behind BET Vodka , have come up with a beet recipe you may not have considered—they take high quality sugar beets farmed in the American Midwest, process them into a granulated beet sugar, then add the sugar granules to a solution of fresh spring water and nutrients. The beet sugar solution is then fermented for several weeks, triple distilled, more filtered water is added, and finally the now-potent spirit is filtered through active carbon.

The resulting product is a premium vodka with an exceptional smooth-as-silk drinkability. Peppery notes as well as vanilla are notable on the palate in BET Vodka , making this unique craft sipping vodka a perfect pairing with our beloved beet and arugula salad. 

Lovely in cocktails as well, BET Vodka ’s ultra-smooth neutrality lends it a versatility that translates seamlessly into everything from bone-dry martinis to refreshing citrus-heavy summer blends. Try a new twist on our beloved purple root vegetable— unearth the humble beet’s wilder alter ego.

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