You are smart. You make great choices across the board. Your friends always come to you when they need advice from everything to relationships to what alcohol to purchase. That’s because you are a great judge of character and you know a good liquor when you see it. And that’s why you’ve always used Belvedere Vodka for everything. Martinis, sours, Moscow Mules, they all have Belvedere in their blend. You know that to create the best flavor combination, you need to use a quality vodka. And now Belvedere Vodka is thanking you for your loyalty with a brand new release to make those Mules even more unforgettable. Spring just got a whole lot better with the release of Belvedere’s Ginger Zest.

Refreshing and tangy, Ginger Zest brings all of the flavor you expect from Belvedere’s classic line of vodka with a new flavor profile. The taste is unique blending ginger with juicy lemons and a hint of grapefruit. Soft, sweet and velvety, Ginger Zest takes citrus and ginger flavors to a whole new level.  It finishes with sustained notes of grated ginger and a constant sweet spice, filled with warmth, soft cream, and vanilla. Perfect on its own or delicious in a Mule, Ginger Zest is sure to soon join the award-winning pantheon that Belvedere is proud to call their own. And you? Your friends will continue to be impressed at your prowess in spirit selection, always wondering how you do it.

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