Ignoring current new western gin trends, the creators of Copperhead Gin went back to the roots of gin by crafting a London Dry Gin. The process wasn’t easy or quick, but quality persevered with the finalized balanced list of flavors and ingredients. Those lucky ingredients are juniper berries, cardamom, angelica, coriander seeds, and orange zest. The original inspiration stems from a summer day back in 2013 when passionate pharmacist, Yvan Vindevogel, read an article telling a fascinating story of gin’s medicinal history. Triggering a connection with his profession, Vindevogel strove to create a gin experience where you can be your own alchemist.

Naming Copperhead was quite simple and straightforward. Copper itself holds several meanings: the copper bottle, the copper alembic, and the pot still in which the earliest precursor to Gin was developed. Copperhead, in whole, refers to the well-known snake symbol of pharmacy, the grandchild of Alchemy. The Latin phrase “Consolans potio fortuna inventa.” is included on the bottle’s crest which translates to “Medicinal drink discovered by accident”.

To encourage the alchemy side of the gin’s creation, Copperhead also offers a series of blends to further enhance the classic Gin and Tonic (G&T). To prepare the perfect Copperhead, pour 5cl of Copperhead Gin in your glass, add 3-4 drops of blend, fully ice the glass, and complete with premium tonic water and botanicals. The three available blends are Aperitivum, Digestivum, and Energeticum. Aperitivum is combines grapefruit and angelica to stimulate your appetite and make the G&T bitterer. Digestivum is a ginger extract to activate your digestion and makes the G&T sweeter. Energeticum is made from guarana berries that will give you a little energy boost and create stronger citrus aromas within the G&T. Know of other blends, throw them in your G&T—Copperhead is a fun way to express your favorite flavor and aroma notes.

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