Have you noticed as technology around us becomes more advanced, the larger in size the devices become? The many wires that connect this to that, that to this? You may have realized recently when taking your daily (or weekly- we don’t judge) trip to the gym. You have a large, weighty device in your pocket, wires connecting your favorite workout jams to your ears. You’re in the middle of a set of lifting weights, when your cord becomes accidentally unplugged and the music stops, leaving you no choice but continue in silence or stop your set to re-plug your device. We love our trusted hefty gadgets, but wouldn’t it be amazing if there was a device out there that Bluetooth activated, small, convenient, waterproof, and played 1,000 of your favorite songs? Don’t fret! Because there is. With the Mighty Spotify Player, music streaming has never been more convenient.

Free from the trouble many other devices place on us, this small yet mighty player is not only wire-free, but clips discreetly and comfortably to any article of clothing or accessory. And perhaps the best part? Since the music is stored offline, no signal is necessary to stream your favorite tunes.

Available in black, white, and orange.

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