Every day of your life should be more enchanting than the last. Nicolas Feuillatte, the third best-selling Champagne brand worldwide, has championed its delightful collections—from the Brut Reservé to the Palmes D’Or to the classic Rosé—since 1976. The Centre-Vinicole’s alliance with Champagne Nicolas Feuillate has thus guaranteed a diverse grape supply, a vast terroir (2500 hectares to be exact), and a unique savoir-faire unparalleled in the industry. But on Friday, July 14th 2017, the youngest of the large Champagne houses, forever changed the reality of their bubbly trade. In an elite event taking place in Soho, London, Nicolas Feuillate hosted the first ever multi-sensory Champagne tasting.

How it happened: attendants wore 3-D headsets, crafted from the latest tilt-brush technology to form an immersive virtual reality world. Consumers had the chance to step inside four separate Champagne bottles. Each bottle provided a series of refreshing scenes designed to match the style and flavor profile of the specific wine. Although you might have to wait for the next virtual reality Champagne experience, Nicolas Feuillatte is available in most supermarkets and retailers across the United States and the UK. And even without the newly minted technology, the finesse and elegance incorporated into every bottle of this exceptional brand, is a realm unto itself. So step out of your bubble and into a bottle—enchantez votre vie—you won’t regret it.

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