Start with an ultra-smooth, quadruple-distilled organic wheat vodka. Add three bursting-with-flavor Madagascar vanilla beans to each bottle. Allow the warm, buttery, enticing vanilla essence to seep from within the pods of organic vanilla into the vodka over a period of 5-6 months.

It sounded good to us, especially when we heard that Bainbridge’s Organic Vanilla Vodka  was awarded a gold medal for World’s Best Vanilla Vodka over hundreds of competitors from all over the world at the 2016 World Vodka Awards. Bainbridge is looking like one to watch in the spirit world, having amassed a collection of over a dozen gold medals in major international competitions since 2014. Bainbridge Vanilla Vodka  is distilled from 100% USDA-certified organic soft wheat grown in Walla Walla County in Washington State; Bainbridge is the only 100% organic distillery in Washington approved to produce all spirits onsite.

Organic, shmanic. What does it taste like, you ask? The nose belies the palate, brimming with decadent, buttery toffee and vanilla fudge. Creamy chocolate ice cream on the finish makes us unsure if we’re having a cocktail or dessert, and in fact combining the two in a chocolate or espresso martini is an excellent way to take full advantage of Bainbridge Vanilla’s  ultra rich vanilla flavor and smooth, creamy texture. Vodka for dessert and it’s organic to boot? Yes, please.

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