Few champagne houses can boast such constant progression in their product and brand identity as the esteemed Piper-Heidsieck. The spark of a love story, Florens-­Louis Heidsieck created his first vintage in 1785 for Agathe Perthois in order to win her favor. Indeed, he succeeded, while also obtaining the admiration of Marie Antoinette. Soon, Heidsieck’s nephew joined the Reims venture along with Henri-Guillaume Piper, and after Florens-Louis died in 1828, they continued to lead the adventure.

Enter Piper-Heidsieck Essentiel, the house’s newest cuvée designed for on-trade and high-end wine merchants, and aimed at the true wine connoisseur. This stunning wine is structured from the house’s signature Brut NV, maintaining the fruitful body and adding fresh crispness. Essentiel touts white fruit flavors and grape, with aromatic notes of citrus, juicy apple, and almond resting leisurely on the nose. Adorned with a fresh, modern aesthetic that respects classic styling, Piper-Heidieck brings us back to our romantic essentials with this ardent wine.

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