All spirit and wine collections must include the aged to perfection, vintage, or otherwise rare bottle just for the most special of special occasions. Of Azuñia’s superb line of tequilas, the Azuñia Black tequila is their longest aged option perfect for the tequila connoisseur. Its namesake isn’t indicative of the tequila itself besides adding an eye catching and appropriately edgy feature to this deserving spirit. Rather, Black is best poured into your most prized snifter to fully take in its deep and alluring amber color.

Black incorporates 100% pure Weber Blue Agave grown in the fields of the Jalisco lowlands with piñas hand harvested and then roasted to perfection for 36 hours in traditional clay hornos. From there, the liquid is finished in a natural, open-air fermentation process and double distilled to ensure purity. To arrive as the final product, Black ages in American Oak barrels for at least two years. During its hibernation, Black pulls out the flavors of the barrels leaving it with a pleasant vanilla aroma and palate-pleasing splashes of caramel, cocoa, sarsaparilla, and spice. Once bottled, it is stamped, numbered, and hand-signed by Salvador Rivera Cordona—the Master Distiller behind this incredibly smooth tequila. Sip. You won’t be disappointed.

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