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Richard English is an alcohol historian based in Denver, CO. In addition to his work as the senior staff writer for Modern Drunkard Magazine, he has written for Drink Me, Metromix, Made Man, and other notable publications. He has appeared on The Countdown with Keith Olbermann, and The Dan LeBatard Show. His latest book, Beer for the Genius, will hit the shelves in the Spring of 2015. He prefers PBR to microbrews and has been known to fly into unreasonable fits of temper upon hearing the word “mixologist.”

Aquae Compositae Drink Me

Aquae Compositae

Drunk for a Penny. Dead drunk for twopence. Clean straw for nothing. —Sign outside a London gin shop, Circa 1700 England. 1688. James II sat on the throne. A Catholic, his reign had been one of religious tolerance, increased standards of living for the masses, and reduced tensions with France. …

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