Mark Storer

About the Author Mark Storer

Mark Storer is a writer, educator and wine junkie. Pursuing his passions of the written word and the open bottle, Mark has spent a good deal of his adult life exploring West Coast wine country from the Mexican border to Washington state and living to write about it. He also teaches English literature, journalism and composition at Camarillo High School.

Mark lives in Ventura County, California with his wife, Susan, daughter, Shannon and an assortment of pets. He writes for a number of publications including the San Jose Mercury News, Ventana Magazine, Christianity Today, Decanter Magazine, the Ventura County Star and many others.

Austrian Wine Tasting Drink Me Magazine

Austrian Wine Tasting Along the Danube & Burgenland

Austria’s wine producing regions have not enjoyed the same level of U.S. acceptance as their counterparts in France or even South America. But the wines from the sprawling vineyards and forests of the Burgenland, or borderland, deserve wider attention. Austria’s own red grapes—Zweigelt, St. Laurent, and the more-well-known-though-just-as-ethereal Blaufrankisch—thrive here …

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