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About the Author Daniel Hoffheins

Daniel Hoffheins is a freelance writer living, working, and usually drinking in the Bay Area. Daniel Hoffheins writes irregularly for the culture sections of The Economist’s More Intelligent Life magazine and Prospero blog whenever he feels he has something of import to say, or needs the money, whichever comes first. His chief interests are music, literature, film, comedy, and potables. Daniel Hoffheins has had the distinct pleasure of spending years writing about the making of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, interviewing Tony Iommi in his castle, and devoting several years to working on his magnum opus, the memoirs of Chris Kattan. Daniel Hoffheins’s favorite cocktail is the Lion’s Tail which is two parts bourbon, half lime, three-quarters allspice dram and Angostura bitters.


The Grape Gatsby

A New Exclusivity Paves Wine’s Way By Daniel Hoffheins The Napa and Sonoma valleys conjure images of luxury and leisure, a sunny picnic amidst rows of grapevines or a romantic dinner at the French Laundry, but, like all tourist destinations, the average experience tends to be a mixed bag that …

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