Ava Fedorov

About the Author Ava Fedorov

Ava Fedorov is a New York based illustrator/artist with a knack for turning a phrase. An avid explorer, her curiosity has lead her from Bogotá to Budapest to Ulaan Baatar—drinking life’s sweet cocktails along the way and always thirsty for more. Ava has nearly a decade of published work in a variety of publications and is the author of Book of Fears (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2008), a book of illustrations.

48 Hours in Kauai Drink Me Magazine
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48 Hours in Kaua’i, Hawaii

I can’t surf. So instead of riding waves, I decided to ride the cliché of drinking Mai Tais in Hawaii—letting both the lore and the lure of a strong, tropical drink guide my navigation of the island of Kaua’i. The oldest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, it is widely regarded …

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48 Hours in Berlin Drink Me Mag
48 HoursDrinkTravel

48 Hours in Berlin

Everyone knows that Berlin is cool. But the particular essence of that “cool” is something a bit more complex and a lot less self-conscious than other cities with such reputations. Berlin isn’t striving for the title, it just likes what it likes and is still enthusiastically whirling and expanding out …

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