Fontaine Du Clos was founded in 1990 by John and Nicole Barnier. Located in the heart of Provence it is nestled between the peaks of Dentelles de Montmirail and Mont Ventoux. The ideal climate throughout the year help the winemakers shape the fruit of their labor. Fontaine Du Clos is now run by their son, Jean-Francois, and his wife, Celine. The wine cellar hosts over 32 varieties and acts as both wine growers and a nursery for grape vines. This creates a better understanding of the vines so they can create a large variety of excellent products.

Aura Red 2015 has an intense purple color. The nose offers a variety of aromas like mocha, camphor, smoke, graphite, blackberry, and licorice. The wine is aged in tanks for at least a year to allow it to develop a perfect balance between the structure and tannins. This creates a particular freshness with a rich, silky balance with an elegant finish. Aura Red is an incredible wine that will both surprise and seduce you.

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