Building off of the theme of “Perception,” the incredible crew at the Artesian at The Langham in London have created an entirely new cocktail menu with 20 drinks based off of this theme. The Artesian already has a reputation for imaginative and original drinks and with this new menu they will push that to the limit while challenging your assumptions about cocktails. New drinks include the Mind Your Step, a fruity and complex mix of Zacapa 23 rum, Pisco, and orange blossom which is served in a broken glass,; the Creative Maths a Bulleit Rye Collins and Paririe Organic Martinez that comes in two separate miniature copper stills, to be enjoyed separately or mixed; and the Cocoon a blend of Tanqueray No. 10, fortified rose, lovage and herbs. Each of these new libations challenges the drinker to think about their perceptions of everything whether that be through carefully drinking, deciding between mixed or straight, or by combining ingredients that don’t normally pair. Challenge the way you think about cocktails at the Aresian.