Refined and award winning yet unapologetically rebellious,  Arta Tequila, founded in 2009,  is Colorado-owned but Mexican-made. All tequilas are made using 100 percent Blue Weber agave grown on a single-family run estate in Arenal, Mexico. For 11 generations, the ranchers harnessed the natural elements and preserved the land where all the agave is hand-planted and hand-picked. If they don’t grow it, they don’t use it.

It’s a known fact; Tequila gets better with age and Arta Tequila take those wise words to heart. Most reposados are aged only two months, Arta’s is aged 11. While other anejos are aged 12 months, Arta’s spends 24 months in the barrel. Handcrafted from harvesting to bottling, Arta Tequila produces premium, artisan tequila for those who celebrate individuality and harbor a rebellious spirit.

Arta Silver is triple-distilled to ensure ultimate purity and a velvety palate. The classic agave taste is balanced with hints of intense citrus and wild pepper. This makes Arta Silver the perfect base for cocktails and it also pairs nicely with fruit or strong cheese.

Arta Reposado is aged for a staggering 11 months in Kentucky whiskey American white oak barrels. Reposado is an award-winning medium-body tequila with golden highlights and a golden-wheat hue. It offers soft and sweet aromas of almond butter and vanilla followed with a white pepper flower finish.

Arta Anejo is aged 18-30 months and then custom blended to Arta Anejo profile in Kentucky whiskey American white oak barrels that provide a unique complexity of toasted cider, chocolate, and cinnamon. Arta Anejo can be paired with everything from savory meats to sweet chocolate desserts.

Arta Extra Anejo is a limited reserve aged for a remarkable five years. Triple barreled in American white oak for three years and then split between French cognac and Spanish sherry barrels for two years before being reunited. Breath in aromas of toasted seeds, cocoa, wild acorns and intense vanilla and oak that develops into jasmine and cinnamon. Sweet silky, and ultra-aged guarantee an ultra-long finish that can be enjoyed with rich chocolate desserts or, simply, just a quality cigar.

Arta Tequila pushes the limits of distillation and aging to the point that it is an art form. Packaged in a sleek, triangular bottle and emblazoned with an iconic Día de los Muertos skull that celebrates the life and legacy of their ancestors. Arta Tequilas handcrafted tequilas are as unique as those who drink them.

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