The story of Ancho Reyes begins in the town of Puebla de Zaragoza in 1927. Mexico was reeling from the revolutionary war and embracing and celebrating a new sense of personal independence. This created an avant-garde movement that spread rapidly from cantinas to cabarets. These gatherings often brought out a variety of concoctions blending together local spirits and native ingredients. One spirit that became a beloved regular was created by the Reyes family using ancho chile.

Ancho Reyes Verde is made with chiles that are harvested while still green and then fire roasted. They are then mashed and filtrated through both mesh and paper. Breath in the sweet heat of the chile aroma. The herbal, lightness provides a burst of flavor which makes it a versatile tool for any cocktail enthusiast. Ancho Reyes Verde adds a natural flavor boost to cocktails like margaritas and daiquiris.

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