Drawing from the cultural hot pot that makes up the United States, Pierhead spirit importers are serving up a refreshing new beer for American patrons. Dixie is a pale lager inspired by the New Orleans way of life, so smooth it’s adopted the Shirley and Lee song turned slogan, “Let The Good Times Roll”. Like the jazz and blues music from the American South that influenced classic British rock bands in the 60s and 70s, Dixie is tuning into the tasting notes that withstand time. Brewed with cypress wood chips to create a citrus and herbal flavor, this UK producer is making a market for U.S. tourism in the EU. Tapping into the food and drink pairings of an American palate, the lighter notes are meant to compliment the rich and sultry cuisine of the Louisiana Delta. If you can’t travel to Europe right now, no worries, Dixie is available online in bulk on BeersOfEurope.com, but don’t be fooled because this is one patriot of a drink.