The American Bar at the celebrated London landmark, The Savoy, is debuting a new cocktail menu. The new menu is called Coast To Coast and will take guests on a sensory journey across Britain from south to north. The new menu offers vivid details of landscapes, folklores, history, and distinctive characters. The cocktails are visually striking and use explorative ingredients to capture the essence of every region they represent.

In the Garden of England, Kent, drinks represent blooming, lush, growth. Fresh ingredients include cobnuts, nuts, and apples and the cocktails are served in exquisite plate glass terrariums. Guests are then taken through London at the peak of the Art Deco era. Take in the elegant sophistication with a cocktail in an elongated coupe served on a silver platter.

Then prepare to be enchanted as the menu journeys into the Sherwood Forest. Get lost in the details of ancient myths and be comforted by the tastes of woodland ingredients as cocktails are served in a whimsical silver goblet with a wooden base.

Then your taste buds will head for the Pennines at the height of the Industrial Revolution. Cocktails offer a range of exotic flavors from the burgeoning empire and the drinks are served on cogs holding intricately cut glasses and garnishes.

The Coast To Coast journey comes to a bittersweet end at Castle Rock. Guests will linger on whiskies, unique flavors, and Scottish legends from glasses perched high on shards of slate.

The Coast To Coast menu at the American Bar will be accompanied by a key to help guests navigate through each new region and every unique recipe. Pick up a cocktail glossary and let yourself be immersed in the sensory details, familiar locations, and artfully crafted cocktails. The Coast To Coast menu offers an extraordinary experience at the American Bar.

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