Amazon has definitely stepped up their game with the introduction of a new service focused around convenience that’ll keep any spirit, beer, or wine-craving individual happy as can be. You can now skip the trip to your local liquor store and send Amazon your booze list for the evening. They’ll have it delivered to your door in an hour for a low fee of $7.99 (or within 2 hours is free). Yes, you read that right—one-hour delivery service on alcohol through Amazon. There’s two catches though: the service is only currently available on their Seattle market and there are only limited products available for order. So, if you live within the Seattle boundaries you have the rest of America incredibly jealous until Amazon makes it available in more areas. While the number of products is limited, they range in diversity from alcohol to TVs to groceries. Deliveries on non-alcoholic products are available in New York City, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago, and some other markets. Thank you Amazon for encouraging laziness in the most brilliant way.