It’s beginning to look (and feel) a lot like summer in the Nation’s Capital, and Stable DC is excited to announce the return of their popular frozen summertime treat, the Schnapsicle.  This original-recipe concoction combines everyone’s favorite refreshments for beating the heat – popsicles and alcohol – making Stable DC the ideal destination for your summer outings.  

Leave the artificial flavors and colorings to the other folks. Stable DC’s all-natural Schnapsicles are made fresh in-house using European Schnaps, wine and fruit.  This year’s vibrant flavor offerings include Apricot, Raspberry and others. For a twist on the original ($8), this season’s menu also features the Schnapsicle Spritz ($12), a Sparkling Rose served with your choice of Schnapsicle, and the Pot of Schnapsicle ($36), 6 Schnapsicles in flavors of your choosing.  So, go ahead, indulge in one of these treats today!

Schnapsicle Spritz

Schnapsicles are available for a limited time only, in conjunction with Stable DC’s seasonal menu, which debuted earlier this month. These treats (and more) are part of Executive Chef, David Fritsche, and General Manager, Silvan Kraemer’s initiative to show guests that there is much more to the Swiss food (and drink) scene than fondue.

Reservations can be made by calling 202.733.4604 or visiting