Cutting down on cocktail calories just got a whole lot easier. Boardroom Spirits, a sustainable, craft distillery located in Lansdale, PA has recently released a Fresh Ginger vodka. Founded in November 2015, this family-run distillery has established an innovative production process designed to create an ethical, quality product. Their latest addition to a small but successful line of spirits will add a kick to your liquor cabinet.

FRESH Ginger Flavored Vodka is made with natural ginger root, which allows every sip to be a smooth and spicy one. The intense, peppery ginger flavor is balanced with a hint of vanilla and is ideal for mixing with seltzers and citrus for a low-calorie Moscow Mule. All Boardroom Spirits are free of GMOs, artificial flavors, colors, and preservatives so you can feel good about drinking it. Put a lime in your cocktail and mix it all up.

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