The fresh-on-the-scene Norwegian distiller Oslo Håndverksdestiller (OHD) is launching its first product, an aperitif entitled MARKA. Blending sixteen botanicals, this infantile aperitif provides a lighter alternative to the darker, heavier aperitifs Norwegians are accustomed to. OHD’s head distiller Dave Gordonio was previously the head brewer at close by Ægir brewery. While the distillery is still under construction, they are producing MARKA at Gordonio’s old stomping grounds, Ægir.

Nearly 90 years ago, the State Wine Monopoly seized Norway’s last operational distillery, thereby putting the kibosh on a rich history of native distilling. Since 1927, no distilleries have operated in Norway. If the distillery’s press release contains an ounce of veracity, its inaugural tipple will inundate imbibers’ palates with a deluge of “exotic” flavors. These flavors are due in no small part to the distillers’ laborious Nordic forest excursions.

“Norway inspires with its pioneering spirit and breath-taking scenery. Our new distillery will aim to capture the culture and traditions of this special country in a profound way, initially with MARKA, then with a Norwegian gin and an akevitt,” says co-founder and partner in OHD, Marcin Miller.

It’s evident the OHD team takes great pride in fueling their passion for distilling with locally-sourced, handpicked ingredients and providing their customers with beverages that are authentically Norwegian.


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