VII Hills Italian Dry Gin ensures that you can actually love Italian food and drink, even more than you already do. The premier Juniper based spirit is expertly crafted and bottled in Italy. A taste of VII Hills –in a classic Negroni, G&T, or other after-dinner libation—is a taste of Italy. The founders, Italian mixologists, Filippo Previero and Danilo Tersigni, named their unique product after the seven hills on which Rome was built. Inspired by Ancient Roman culinary and cultural traditions, their gin “represents people.” Ultimately, their company philosophy can be condensed into one word, an ancient roman verb: libare. It translates ‘to taste,’ ‘to pour out,’ and indicates an act of worship. Previero and Tersigni revel in the libare with their 100% Italian gin, best enjoyed among family and friends.

Giuseppe Gallo, an Italian spirits expert and also owner of Italicus Rosolio di Bergamotto, says of the founders: “The duo, who have been using their expert knowledge to build unique drink menus and innovative cocktails for years, know what goes into a truly great gin.” For each of the seven hills, there are seven botanicals: juniper, pomegranate, celery, artichoke, blood orange, rosehip, and roman chamomile.  They are all naturally flavored and selected by a master distiller, to create a delicately balanced versatile flavor. The botanicals are infused with a sugar beet neutral spirit and distilled using a vacuum technique to perfect its rounded taste and signature, sweet, citrus aroma.

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