The history of Fort Collins is one of a dry town where hard working, honest citizens had to travel outside county lines to enjoy spirits legally up until 1969. Since then, Fort Collins has been legally able to provide liquor and from that has arisen the gin and vodka distillery Dry Town. Dry Town distills spirits that honor the city’s past and the hard working citizens that may have snuck around to get a sip. In that rebellious spirit, Dry Town has recently released a premium gin that will proudly represent the town of Fort Collins, Colorado.

Dry Town is releasing a premium American gin that will be distilled using 10 botanicals: juniper, orris root, orange, lime, angelica root, black pepper, ginger, lemongrass, French verveine, and sage. This careful and precise distilling process results in a smooth, distinctive taste that has an herbal, piney citrus flavor to it. Each flavor is extracted in the distilling process so that you can truly taste each botanic in each sip. The American premium gin is a great resource to enjoy classic martinis and modern cocktails or it can just simply be enjoyed on the rocks.

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