Ever looked for a drink that could be consumed throughout the year? Whether on a balmy summer evening, an autumnal afternoon or a frosty winter night, an Aperol Sptitz is what you’re looking for. Its sparking, bitter-sweet taste makes it the idea choice for any occasion. The perfect serve comes in a 3-2-1 ratio and is easy to make and fun to share. Made with 3-parts Prosecco, 2-parts Aperol and 1-part soda all poured into a glass over ice in that order, it is the simple serve that can be enjoyed on its own or complemented with Italian themed appetizers such as stuffed olives, sun-blushed tomatoes, focaccia bread and parma ham.

Aperol originated in 1919 in Padua. It is now a widely consumed aperitif with an alcohol content of only 11% that is infused with precious herbs and roots in a perfectly balanced combination with two mostly recognizable elements: freshness and lively sweetness. Aperol Spritz has become a cult drink outside of Italy, extending to neighboring countries and even across the continent. Why not add a little Italy into your life?

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