Out by popular demand, Domaine Gayda vineyards are releasing their Grenache Gris after years of development on their vast, high standard grounds located within the largest wine-producing region in France. Typically a grape known for making Rosé, Grenache is used by Domaine Gayda to produce a not so common white wine that is fully bodied with floral and fruity notes.

The diverse soils of these vineyards allow many species of grapes to flourish and bring opportunities to experiment with blends other regions of the world cannot acquire. This will be just the second vintage of Grenache Gris to hit shelves, aged nine months and whole pressed to preserve the pure mineral flavor of the grapes. The Selection category of wines Domaine Gayda showcases allows them to amuse different ideas and abstract flavor profiles; when non-traditional selections grow in demand, vintages like Grenache Gris become irreversible classics. Sip on a new white wine that will be sure to brighten anyone’s tired palate.

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