In the highlands of Scotland, The Old Curiosity gin was born. Founded in a barn, and made from a secret herb garden, The Old Curiosity gin was the brainchild of a herbologist and a mixologist. By bringing these two areas of expertise together, they were able to create a set of charming, color-changing gins that appear to be touched by magic.

The Old Curiosity’s Lavender and Echinacea gin is lusciously floral. Its whimsical packaging and flavors will transport you right into the Scottish moors. The calming scents of lavender mixed with the healing powers of echinacea create a pleasant and restorative gin. It changes color when mixed with tonic, which will be an inevitable hit at any party it’s served at. Its taste is equally floral, with a hint of peppercorn, and a touch of the sweetness of a pastry.

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