The summer sun is blazing down its drought causing, burn inducing rays. You’re lounging by the pool and made the mistake of sitting in the chair without the cushion. You rise only to find the chair suctioning onto the back of your legs. You shimmy free and race to the cooler. A friend notices your struggle. They hand you a Thirst Aid Box; the perfect remedy for a hot afternoon.

The wooden caddy first aid kit of beer gives the ailing individual we see above a thirst quenching and healing alternative to frying in the sun. Each kit displays a unique combination of the Best of British Beers including 2x Pale Ales, 2x Bitters, and 2x Golden Ales. All beverages come from the country’s finest independent producers and none are bottle conditioned or too strong, so enjoy straight from the fridge, cooler, or slightly chilled. Don’t let the summer sun drag you down; pick yourself up with the Thirst Aid Box!

Available for £36.75

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