Everyone is preparing for it.  Stocking up on food, water, essentials to last the next few days while you’re trapped inside your house due to the snow, rain, or meatballs. Whatever the case, make sure you put your snow tires on and stop by your friendly neighborhood liqueur store to stock up on these 5 delicious spirits that will warm you up during the snow days and make all of your friends want to throw on their snow gear just to sit by the fireplace at your place. So bundle up, get your snuggies on, get the fireplace going, and enjoy these guys the way they were made to be drunk.

Remy Martin 1738
Remy Martin

Cognac is one of those rare spirits where you really need to acquire a taste for it before you dive right into the snifter. Remy Martin 1738 makes this really easy for you. Wine lovers and scotch lovers will enjoy this refreshing shift to something a bit new and different. It has that perfect cold weather aroma featuring hints of apricots, figs, apples, vanilla, caramel, and oily nuts with some oak. You’ll notice a sweet presence to start off with along with a vanilla and oak lingering finish. It has an excellent medium to heavy body that’s aromatic, fruity and has that perfect amount of spice.

Price: $50
Website: http://www.remymartin.com

Teeling Whiskey Single Malt
Teeling Whiskey

This bottle was a new one for me and though it doesn’t have that spice like the others, it still reminded me of winter in the park. Teeling makes a great aperitif whiskey, as if it should be the light salad before your heavy dinner. The nose is pretty complex with aromas of green apple, mild melon and citrus with a nice toffee and old wood hints. The taste is fun and it reminds me of being at grandma’s house during Winter. I got a nice mix of fig and tart lemons along with a blend of cookie spice. Yes. I said cookie spice. The finish is nice and toasty leaving a light spice on your tongue. It’s light and full of flavor and will make a good ice breaker once your freezing friend’s come over for drinks. A true gem and a real enjoyable whiskey.

Price: $60
Website: http://teelingwhiskey.com

Four Roses Bourbon
Four Roses

If you haven’t guessed the theme of the list already, I’m going for that small village aromas of oak, vanilla, and everything that reminds you of coziness and comfort to help you ride this bad boy out. For my bourbon lovers out there, and my personal favorite, here’s a little love from Four Roses Small Batch Bourbon. You get that straight-forward caramel and rye smell and taste pretty much right off the bat. Small Batch send your palate on a fun sled trip with other flavor profiles including: leather, pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, corn, and some oak. Not for the faint of palate you definitely get that bourbon warmth as it goes down leaving a pleasant finish of toffee and caramel.

Price: $35
Website: http://www.fourrosesbourbon.com

Blade Single Barrel Gin
Rusty Blade

This is not your usual summertime gin by any means. Rusty Blade is impressively unique and different in all the right ways. Being a San Francisco style gin, it’s already building quite the reputation over on the West Coast for it’s unordinary flavors of orange, lemon, and tangerine, plus cardamom, cilantro, cinnamon, ginger, and black pepper. What makes it even more special its 12% zinfandel brandy base coming from the Santa Cruz Mountains.  The gin is returned to the Zinfandel wine barrels for two years of aging. This gin will be a favorite amongst both the spiced rum drinker and wine enthusiast lover alike as well.

Price: $70
Website: http://www.oldworldspirits.com/rusty.html

The Balvenie Doublewood Whiskey
The Balvenie

This wonderfully crafted scotch is the essential winter spirit of my choosing. Making the switch from bourbon, the Double Wood made it fairly easy. It’s aged in ex-bourbon casks before being finished in delightful Sherry Casks. It has a fantastic body with a smooth bourbon palate and subtle hints of spice and vanilla. The finish will be dry, spicy, and warming. Double Wood is great for the bourbon lovers who want to make a fun and smooth transition into the scotch world.

Price: $45-55
Website: https://us.thebalvenie.com