Magic Hat Feast of Fools
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From Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales til today, people have been celebrating the stupidity of pranks and the skill of surprise on the first of April. Magic Hat has perfected this practice of combining unexpected things with its Fruity Stout. As pale as a brown ale, but with all the chocolate flavor of a traditional American Stout, Feast of Fools plays with your palate long after the sip has been swallowed. With a hint of raspberry and a low 6% ABV, the drinkability will help you and your party understand exactly how this beer got its name!

$8.99/22 oz. bottle 

Bell’s Smitten
smitten drink me top april fools beers

He loves me…He loves me not…Spring is coming…Spring is not! Love and the weather can leave you feeling like a fool, so drop the daisies and grab a bottle of Bell’s Golden Rye Pale Ale instead to experience something real. The piney bite of the hops and the smooth tang of the malt might toy with your tongue, but the added brightness of citrus insures this 6% ABV beer won’t leave you wondering if it’s a winner!

$9.99/6 pack 12 oz. bottles 

Boulevard Two Jokers
boulevard two jokers drink me top april fools beers

Two Jokers insures there is double the wittiness, and this Belgian White Ale is definitely of two minds. Each sip of this Double Wit manages to start out smooth and sweet due to its Malt foundation before ending on a tart note thanks to the lactic fermentation process. With citrus, coriander and grain rounding out the flavors, this complex sipper will take turns tricking and treating your taste buds.

$8.99/750ml bottle

Clausthaler Dry Hopped Amber
clausthalerdry hopped amber drink me top april fools beer

What better April Fool’s prank is there than a non-alcoholic beer that tastes like the real thing! Thanks to new advancements in the dry hopping process, this German gift can almost pass for an IPA by faking a thick mouth-feel and grainy bite, all with a low 0.30% ABV. Adding this N/A Amber to your mix will be a pleasant surprise for all the pregnant and/or designated drivers at your next get together!

$37.08/24 bottles (330ml) 

Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero
clown shoes chocolate beer drink me top april fools beers

It might hail from Massachusetts but this Mexican Hot Chocolate inspired Stout will fool you into believing it’s from much further south. Chocolate Sombrero might seem silly at first, but it is serious about balancing its sweet chocolate flavor with hot pepper and bitter burnt coffee notes. Boasting a strong 9% ABV, this Stout also contains enough carbonation to tickle your taste buds and keep you laughing long into the night.

$8.99/4 pack 12 oz. bottles