Howls at the Moon
Howls at the moon drink me Halloween Cocktails

Unleash your inner werewolf this Halloween with this interpretation of the classic Manhattan cocktail. The warmth and smoothness of red wine and bourbon will surely quell the beast within, especially when sipped under the sparkling moon.

2 oz bourbon
2 oz red wine
0.5 oz simple syrup
1 sphere or large cube of ice
3 maraschino cherries to garnish


Blood Chalice
Blood Chalice 1 drink me Halloween cocktails

Satiate your vampiric thirst with this fruity crimson cocktail sure to please even the most deceased of your undead friends. Vodka and cranberry together might just be good enough to pull you away from your favorite dripping blood-bag.

2 oz cranberry juice
splash of club soda
2 oz vodka
2 maraschino cherries
Add 1 tbsp dry ice for a terrifyingly misty effect

The Darkness Inside
The Darkness Inside drink me Halloween cocktails

The evils within you aren’t hungry this October; they’re thirsty. This stormy drink of rum and vermouth is nearly as black as your soul, but goes down much easier.

1 part dark rum
1 part dry vermouth
Line rim of glass with lime juice
Garnish with colored sugar on rim (red + orange food coloring + ¼ cup sugar in bag, mixed)
Garnish with blackberries and raspberries