PRODUCED BY: Black Stallion Estate Winery

This wine is best served as an aperitif, with a very slight chill (under 70 F) and decanted or aerated. A pretty reserved wine, I found no real exuberant fruit – or even heat, despite it being 15 % alcohol. The first whiff shows acidity, then a tinge of the leather and dark fruit grown in the warm section of the Napa Valley. Aromas include baking spices and cassis. When the wine is aerated in the glass, some purple fruit begins to emerge. Finish is moderate, not outstanding.

PAIRING: I sampled this with a number of foods, and the best pairing was the simplest — literally plain bread & butter or crackers. 

NOTE: decant, or open at least 20 minutes before tasting. 

FROM: Napa Valley, California

PRODUCED BY: Black Stallion Estate Winery

CONTAINS: 100% Cabernet sauvignon, estate grown, mainly Oak Knoll district


RATING: 88 points