Some bourbons need to rely on gimmicks to make their name. They’ll use some sort of archaic distilling method or barrel in unique casks or most commonly they’ll have an incredibly high proof. For most, these tricks are a crutch that is used to mask what is ultimately a mediocre spirit. That’s not the case with 1792 Full Proof Bourbon. This delicious yearly release from 1792 Distillery clocks in at 125 proof (62.5% abv for the layman) and has made a name for itself by bringing home the gold medal from the American World Whiskies Awards. The name “Full Proof” comes from the bourbon’s original barrel entry proof which is maintained throughout the aging process. But where this spirit really excels is the taste. Most high proof spirits tend to have their flavor drowned out by outrageously high abv’s but with 1792 Full Proof the full flavor of the bourbon comes through with a deliciously balanced flavor blending vanilla and caramel. Even if you don’t think much of the awards or the high proof, I still suggest giving this bourbon a try.