Ah, summer time. The time of the year to soak in some sun, sit out by the pool, and BBQ with friends. There’s nothing like summer days accompanied by a cold, iced beverage that really hits the spot. But what if you need a little pick me up as you quench your thirst? Hot coffee is just not going to cut it. You need something iced, flavorful, and with caffeine.

You can see where we’re getting at. Iced coffee is just the best in the summer. While it’s a staple for summer life, you gotta change it up every once in a while. Try something new! We’re going to introduce you to the most delicious, sweet, and interesting coffee drinks you can imagine. Here are 15 coffee drinks for summer to quench your thirst.

Espresso Tonic

Imbibe magazine is all about the art of imbibing. It goes without saying that they know a thing or two about mixology. This is definitely the case for the Espresso Tonic recipe they have on their website. Using lime syrup and a lime wedge, this unique beverage mixes the flavors of coffee and lime, so get ready for something you’ve never had before.

Iced Coffee Lemonade

Ok, hear us out. This is delicious! It’s often described as a more intense Arnold Palmer with much more caffeine. Anna Brones of Sprudge brought us this recipe from her travels to Sweden. In the nordic country, they call it “Kaffelemonad.” What a lovely word! Basically you mix all the ingredients together but Brones also recommends a shaker if you have one on hand.

Coffee Soda

Looking for some satisfying carbonation that has a kick? Coffee Soda is the best of both worlds. It gives you that tingle on your nose while you’re getting the caffeine intake you need. It’s a wonderful buzz that comes with a seriously quench-worthy bite. Kirbie’s Cravings has a recipe you need to try. It’s simple! Just stir these ingredients together in your favorite glass.

Iced Hazelnut Coffee

This one’s great because you can use your Keurig! The recipe for the Iced Hazelnut Coffee is a sweet treat for a summer day. Fill a glass up with ice and pour the hazelnut syrup in. Set your keurig to 4 oz and make the coffee. Add this to the ice and hazelnut glass and stir. Top it with milk for a creamy texture. No Keurig? No problem! Just make a regular 4 oz. cup of coffee instead. Or, you can always find promo codes for 15% off Keurig, and other coupons, too.

Iced Mexican Coffee

Add spice to your coffee drink routine this summer and make an Iced Mexican Coffee. This concoction involves a little more work but it’s totally worth it. Cinnamon, cloves, and anise give this drink the punch you’ll taste with the first sip.

Iced Irish Coffee with Coffee Iced Cubes

If you haven’t heard about coffee iced cubes, we must ask if you’ve been living under a rock. Coffee ice cubes are one of those “how have we not thought about this before?” types of ideas. Anyway, this Irish Coffee involves your traditional Irish Coffee on the rocks, and those rocks are made of coffee. It’s actually a pretty simple recipe that includes coffee, dark brown sugar, Irish whiskey, and light cream.

Vietnamese Iced Coffee

A traditional Vietnamese Iced Coffee is delicious. But you don’t have to wait until you’re at a restaurant to have one. Make it at home!The recipe for Vietnamese Iced Coffee from Bon Appétit Magazine requires dark roasted ground coffee and sweetened condensed milk. Coffee choices are specified to be either Trung Nguyen Premium Blend or Café Du Monde Coffee with Chicory

Coffee Frappe

Frappes seem complicated. That’s why we usually just go to Starbucks if we want one. However, this Simple Bites recipe might change your mind.You’ll obviously need a blender, and the ingredients include ice cubes, cold brew or strong coffee, milk, sugar, and optional whipped cream.

Coffee & Orange Juice

Mixing Coffee and Orange Juice is all the rave in Phoenix, Arizona. Extra Crispy reported on this in 2016, and people are still into it. It’s literally just orange juice mixed with espresso.People can’t get enough of it. If you have an espresso machine at home, put your glass of orange juice under it and brew. It’s worth a shot!

New Orleans Coffee

New Orleans has their own way of making iced coffee. Ground chicory is an essential ingredient in this recipe found on Sugar and Charm.The only other ingredients are coffee and water, so the secret is in the process!

Thai Iced Coffee

Olivia’s Cuisine shares a recipe for Thai Iced Coffee is easy yet delicious.The flavors you taste in Thai iced coffee are complex and it’s due to the cardamom and cinnamon that burst with personality in this classic beloved drink.

Turkish Iced Coffee

If you like a hefty cup of coffee, there’s usually no bolder choice than Turkish coffee. The yummy iced version takes the same route.Jillian Pikora teaches us how to make a heavy-duty cup of cold brew inspired Turkish coffee so we can have delectable Turkish coffee on ice.

Horchata Latte

Horchata, though it’s best made by the professionals, is actually not too difficult to make. This means you’re not too far away from a Horchata Latte.Maryanna from The Little Epicurious took gorgeous photos of the process in which she took to make her at-home Horchata Latte.For the Horchata part of the drink, you’ll need white rice, cinnamon bark, water, and simple syrup. After the hardest part is done, brew up a few shots of espresso.

Iced Mocha

Let’s get chocolatey. Chocolate cravings are year-round, so we needed to make sure we had a decadent iced mocha on the list.Feathers in Our Nest featured a creamy mocha complete with chocolate syrup. The easy instructions and step-by-step photos provide a helpful guide in making one of the best coffee drinks ever.

Iced Bulletproof Coffee

Bulletproof Coffee has become a go-to choice for people who want coffee, but not the rise and crash. Bulletproof Coffee is special because it combines grass-fed butter and coffee which creates a slower metabolism time for the caffeine. This makes it so you don’t feel such a sharp up and down in energy levels.The iced version is a good choice for the hotter days.

For the iced version, you want to use ghee instead of butter. Ghee won’t separate and look icky like butter does when it’s iced. This might all sounds fancy, but Bulletproof offers coupon codes and other discounts on their products — so you’re all good.

Cheers to Summer

Summer time and iced drinks go hand in hand. Make a fun challenge for yourself and try all these coffee drink recipes before summer ends!