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Don Papa Rum drink me

Don Papa Rum

The Philippines might not be your first thought when it comes to rum (I know it wasn’t mine) but it is actually the third largest rum market in the world. Now with Don Papa Rum the Philippines is reaching new levels of success and notoriety within the rum drinking world. …

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The Dalmore 35 drink me

The Dalmore 35

The Dalmore is no stranger to limited and rare releases but the 35 really takes the cake. First aged in bourbon barrels, sherry casks and port pipes, this incredible whiskey is then bottled into hand-blown decanters from French crystal house Baccarat, emblazoned with a silver stag from the Scottish master …

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Ninakasi Believer drink me

Ninkasi Believer

In 2006, when Ninkasi first opened their doors, co-founders Jamie Floyd and Nikos Ridge brewed this delicious double red ale as a thank you to the community that helped open the brewery. It was originally released as a seasonal brew and then discontinued. However, because of popular demand they are …

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